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Welcome to Heineke Veterinary Hospital

Heineke Veterinary Hospital, located in Alexandria, KY, was established in 1989 by Dr. Barry Heineke to provide professional animal care to the Northern Kentucky & Greater Cincinnati communities. His son, Dr. Brandon Heineke, joined the team in 2016 and in 2018 his oldest son, Nick Heineke, joined the practice as Practice Manager.

We’ve always believed that all pets are an extension of the family, and here at Heineke Veterinary Hospital we are just that, a family business. Our 7000-square foot veterinary hospital has been designed with you and your pet in mind, and to provide the highest level of services to everyone that walks through our doors.


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Heineke Veterinary Hospital Services

Two Words, We Care

Our goal is to improve the lives of pets throughout our community and build trusting relationships to last a lifetime. We utilize only the most advanced and effective technology, from digital dental and digital x-rays, to ultrasound, to a complete in house laboratory for point of care service, along with many more.
Heineke Veterinary Hospital Basket of Puppies

Wellness Exams

We highly recommend yearly physical exams, annual vaccinations and diagnostic testing using our point of care in house laboratory. This allows us to find any potentially dangerous health concerns for your pets.

Heineke Veterinary Hospital Surgery


We offer a vast array of surgical procedures to repair injury, eliminate disease, and provide a multitude of health benefits to extend and enhance the quality of your pet’s life. We offer soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

Heineke Veterinary Hospital Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention

There are two types of parasites to worry about for your pet’s health – External and internal parasites. 

Heineke Veterinary Hospital Spaying & Neutering

Spaying or Neutering

We are a very compassionate team. No matter the size, age or breed of your pet,
we’ll perform the spaying or neutering procedure quickly, safely, effectively and
with a minimum of anxiety or fuss.

Heineke Veterinary Hospital Dermatology


Pet skin can show a multitude of diseases. If your pet is itching, scratching, scooting, or licking excessively please call us so we can get it checked out! This could be allergies, fleas, infections, etc. 

Heineke Veterinary Hospital Dental & Dental Digital X-Rays

Dental Procedures

We offer digital dental x-rays. This assists us in early diagnosis of painful Periodontal disease dental conditions. 

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

At Heineke Veterinary Hospital, we use laser therapy on nearly all routine surgical procedures with client approval. 

Vaccinations at Heineke Veterinary


One of the best ways to keep your animal healthy is to ensure they receive vaccinations. 

In-House Laboratory at Heineke Vet

In-House Laboratory

At Heineke Veterinary Hospital we offer the newest and most state-of-the-art technology and this stands true with our in-house laboratory. 

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