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“Heineke offers compassionate, quality care for your furry friends with in a family atmosphere.”


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About Heineke Vet

Where It All Began

Dr. Barry Heineke has practiced veterinary medicine for over 35 years. He has dedicated his life to helping animals. We are a family practice through and through. With that, we treat each and every pet that comes into Heineke Veterinary Hospital as if it were a member of our family. When thinking about Heineke Vet Hospital, keep in mind that we share one singular philosophy: that all animals deserve proper veterinary care and we use our state-of-the-art facility, along with the newest diagnostic tools and services, to deliver this philosophy to all of our clients.

About Heineke Vet – In The Spotlight

At Heineke Veterinary Hospital we work hard to exceed the expectations and push ourselves to provide the most exceptional veterinary care. That’s why we value your feedback so we can grow as a team. If you’ve had a visit with us, review us on Google and/or Facebook today, and let us know you care about Heineke Vet!

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What We Offer

Wellness Exams

At Heineke Veterinary Hospital we highly recommend yearly physical exams, annual vaccinations and diagnostic testing using our point of care in house laboratory. This allows us to find any potentially dangerous health concerns for your pets.


One of the best ways to keep your animal healthy is to ensure they receive vaccinations. Modern veterinary advancements have proven that pet vaccinations are an effective method that teach their immune systems to defend themselves against diseases they may encounter.

Spaying & Neutering

We are a very compassionate team. No matter the size, age or breed of your pet,
we’ll perform the spaying or neutering procedure quickly, safely, effectively and
with a minimum of anxiety or fuss.


We offer a vast array of surgical procedures to repair injury, eliminate disease, and provide a multitude of health benefits to extend and enhance the quality of your pet’s life. We offer soft tissue
and orthopedic surgery.

Dental Health

At Heineke Veterinary Hospital, we have skilled veterinarians and technicians that can assist with extractions, dental cleanings, and polishings.


Pet skin can show a multitude of diseases. If your pet is itching, scratching, scooting, or licking excessively please call us so we can get it checked out! This could be allergies, fleas, infections, etc..


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