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Do you have a bird, hamster, gerbil, ferret, reptile or other exotic animal? Not sure if a
veterinarian can provide care for your particular type of exotic pet? Then we invite you to speak with our veterinarians and support team for more information. Chances are, our animal hospital will be able to provide you and your beloved pet with quality pet care they need. We’re well experienced in dealing with exotic animals. Treating them is somewhat of a specialized area and it’s one that requires a slightly different set of knowledge, skills, equipment and veterinary medicines.

That’s exactly what you can count on us to provide when you walk through the doors of our animal hospital.? We are familiar with exotics and will spend a good deal of time discussing the care of your particular pet, as many problems with exotic pets are related to improper diet or other aspects
of care.

Finding the right vet can be a challenge and may not seem that important when your pet is healthy, but the effort will be well worth it if your pet should fall ill!

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