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Our team of veterinarians realize that pet spaying and neutering is a sensitive subject. While this may be a traumatic event for both you and your animal, it is one that Heineke Veterinary Hospital highly recommends for population control and health benefits for your pet.

Did you know that every year in the United States over 3 million stray cats and dogs are euthanized? You may think these circumstances are only caused by strays, and not house pets. But the truth of the matter is that house cats and dogs contribute to the situation as well. Mother Nature takes its course when all animals are left roaming freely. We kindly ask you do your part in reducing unwanted litters and the deaths of more innocent animals by having you kitten, puppy, cat or dog spayed or neutered.

We are a very compassionate team. No matter the size, age or breed of your pet,
we’ll perform the spaying or neutering procedure quickly, safely, effectively and with a minimum of anxiety or fuss. We sympathize with your pet’s feelings and do our utmost to keep them comfortable throughout the procedure.

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