Wellness Examinations at HVH

To make your pet’s life as healthy and as long as possible we offer and encourage yearly comprehensive wellness exams. At Heineke Veterinary Hospital in Alexandria, KY we understand just how important it is to maintain a yearly schedule for your pet’s exams, vaccinations and bloodwork. 

Wellness Examination at Heineke

What You Should Expect

Our team believes in proactive veterinary medicine to address your pet’s need no matter what stage of life they are in. We truly believe in getting answers as soon as we can, because of this we have the ability to run full bloodwork panels in a matter of minutes to help aid in the early diagnosis of your pet.

We are extremely excited to be able to offer all of our clients a mobile app to organize all of the vaccination and wellness reminders making being a pet parent that much easier. You can even schedule appointments directly from the app! Call us today at 859-635-3783 to ask how you can get the mobile app and will walk you through the steps.

At Heineke Veterinary Hospital we highly recommend yearly physical exams, annual vaccinations and diagnostic testing using our point of care in house laboratory. This allows us to find any potentially dangerous health concerns for your pets.

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