Does My Pet Need to See a Veterinarian for Dermatology?

Pets are very similar to humans, but they have their differences too. Just like we drink, eat, go to the restroom, scratch our body, smell things, care for our teeth, and care for our skin; our pets need all these same elements to live a happy and healthy life too. Just like raising your child, you don’t always know what a stuffy nose or a bump on their head could be, and when you get in a tough patch and don’t know what you can do, you can always call the doctor! So, when it comes to raising your pet we want you to know that we are always a call away to help you with any problems that you might run into. At Heineke Veterinary Hospital we are one huge family with passion, experience, and the education to care for your pets. This includes and is not limited to surgeries, dental care, vaccines, and dermatology.

A practice that we care about deeply is our ability to offer dermatology services to your pets. When you hear “dermatology” you instantly think of skin, but veterinary dermatology is much more than that. At Heineke Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing disorders in the ears, skin, mouth, hair, and nails. (A lot more than just skin!) We recognized that no two cases in dermatology are the same. We care for a wide range of animals and there is no circumstance we are not prepared to look into. There is a multitude of different internal and external factors that go into a dermatology case, it could be their food, their environment, or even an allergic reaction to a bug bite. If you’ve found yourself not knowing how to care for your pet correctly, we recommend bringing your furry friend in for a physical exam to determine the root of the issue.

Are you not certain if you should be concerned about the condition of your pet? Here are some of the signs your pet may have a condition that should be discussed with a veterinarian:

  • Chronic Itching – licking paws, biting paws, scooting hind end
  • Allergic Ongoing Conditions and Breakouts
  • Losing their fur
  • Ear scratching
  • Biting their skin
  • Signs of Parasites
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Systemic Diseases

Fleas and ticks are a nuisance year round, however some fleas and ticks carry diseases such as Lyme or Heartworm disease, which can be life-threatening for pets. There are several ways to prevent disease with proper care and maintenance from home, just ask a veterinarian at the Heineke Veterinary Hospital. But sometimes diseases aren’t what caused your pet’s dermatology problems. It very well could be allergies, parasites, or something deeper, which can also be difficult to diagnose and treat. These are cases where involving a specialist can help diagnose and resolve the problem faster and more cost-effectively. At Heineke Veterinary Hospital we can perform allergy tests, food elimination trials, skin biopsies, and other diagnostic tests to determine what is causing your pet’s problems. In a field where each case is unique, we want you

to feel at ease that we will combat your pet’s dermatology issues and help keep them happy and healthy while they are in our hands.